The Port of Arica (Chile) will install MSM Ocean's Safe Port System

Published on Friday, 15 December of 2023

MSM Ocean’s Safe Port system has been selected by the Empresa Portuaria de Arica located in Northern Chile to provide meteorological and oceanographic data to improve the navigation in the port access and optimize port operations. This operation was managed by the company Pelicanos Ltda (Chile), which will also carry out the installation of the system in the port, with the collaboration of 32Puntos (Spain).

The system designed by MSM Ocean for the port terminal includes an EBM16-OC instrumented buoy that has a highly resistant and unsinkable float made of elastomer. The buoy will be equipped with a Gill Instrumentscompact weather station, model GMX560, which provides information on wind direction and speed, gusts, temperature, and relative humidity, and with MSM Ocean’s MB Wave 3 wave sensor, which provides data on the height, period, and direction of the waves in real time, as well as measurement statistics according to the configuration made by the user.

The entire set of equipment is completed with the OceanCom web platform for the display of meteocean parameters and the complete management of the devices installed on the buoy. The data will be transmitted in real time via mobile network with a satellite backup system for the transmission of essential data in case the main communication is lost.

This buoy will make it possible to record objective parameters of wave behaviour and is the first wave height measurement system to be installed in the port. It will allow the meteorological and oceanographic conditions in the port area to be monitored in real time with the aim of having all the necessary information to make the most appropriate decisions and, in this way, reduce downtime so that operations can be carried out more efficiently.

We thank the Empresa Portuaria de Arica, Pelicanos and 32Puntos for their trust in MSM Ocean to offer a comprehensive system that increases efficiency in port operations, the digitalization of the port terminal and sustainability using MSM Ocean oceanographic buoys.

About MSM Ocean

MSM Ocean develops tailor-made solutions for the measurement and management of oceanographic, meteorological, and environmental data for numerous applications.

Our team of experts analyse the customer’s requirements to design and manufacture a complete system, supporting our clients during installation and commissioning, and including training for the staff involved in handling and maintaining the equipment.

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About Empresa Portuaria de Arica

The Empresa Portuaria Arica is an autonomous company of the State of Chile, it is a fundamental pillar in the economic and social development of the Arica and Parinacota region, contributing to the generation of employment and the fulfilment of commitments to foreign trade in the macrozone. Likewise, given the demands of the industry, the Port of Arica has faced development challenges with the implementation of important initiatives aimed at improving its competitiveness, such as addressing the problem of port closures and improving terminal availability.

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Sobre Pelícanos Ltda

Pelícanos, Ciencia y Tecnología Marina, is a company specialized in Oceanography, Coastal and Port Engineering, and Hydrography, with extensive experience in carrying out advanced studies of currents, waves, wind, tide, high resolution bathymetry, wave modelling and forecasting. and wind. We also participate in the design, implementation, and maintenance of online measurement systems of metocean parameters for Ports and Aquaculture Centres.

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About 32Puntos

At 32 Puntos, we apply our knowledge, talent and experience to the development of innovative projects in the field of oceanography, coastal zone management, marine environment and port engineering.

At 32 Points, we believe that carefully selecting relevant data and presenting visualizations tailored to our clients’ specific objectives are crucial elements in facilitating informed decision making. We distinguish ourselves by the implementation of data-based solutions, ranging from the conception of specialized systems for the acquisition of oceanographic and environmental data to the effective management of this information.

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