Tsunami Buoys

MSM’s Tsunami Early Detection and Warning System is a system of advanced technology which detects a tsunami event, processes it, and sends the information to a Control Centre with WEB platform, where an alarm is generated automatically. All this done in less than a minute.

A pressure sensor, deployed in a water depth of up to 7,000 meters, detects height variations on the water surface. A specially designed buoy communicates with the sensor acoustically and operates as an interface between it and the Web platform onshore in the Control Centre.


  • Materials and equipment specially designed for marine environment for a long durability of the system.
  • Buoy highly conspicuous during day and night for safety of navigation, equipped with a marine lantern, radar reflector, top mark and with the integration of an AIS transponder. Designed according to IALA recommendations.
  • Float manufactured closed-cell polyethylene solid foam sheet and projected with a layer of polyurethane elastomer providing an unsinkable buoy resistant to collisions.
  • Anti-vandal security systems to maintain the integrity of the buoy, including impact sensor with automatic alarm to the Control Centre.
  • GPS positioning system with out of position alarm in case of rupture of mooring system.
  • Mooring systems for deep waters.
  • The pressure sensor can measure variations in the water surface up to 1mm and triggers a tsunami event in case of variation of only 3cm, with special algorithms to discard false events, for a total accuracy of the detection of a tsunami event.
  • Pressure sensor’s mooring system specially designed to optimise its immersion towards the seabed and ensure its verticality.
  • Redundant communications via satellite permanently monitored from the Control Centre with alarm in case of transmission failure or delay.
  • Web application installed in two dedicated servers for user-friendly display of pressure measurements and monitoring of all the buoys parameter.
  • Message compatible and can be integrated in the NOAA Tsunami Early Warning System.
  • Capacity to integrate oceanographic and weather sensors to measure useful parameters that contribute to scientific development and studies on global and regional climate change.

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