MB Wave 3

Wave Sensor

The MB Wave 3 is an efficient, integral, versatile, compact, low energy consumption and low cost sensor, that allows the characterization of the directional waves with high performance and wide range of measurement parameters for installation on floating devices such as buoys.

This unit provides data on the height, period, and direction of waves in real time as well as statistics of measurements as programmed by the user. This system is composed by a powerful and precise AHRS sensor with 3 accelerometers, 3 gyroscopes and 3 magnetometers, as well as a temperature sensor to compensate the measurements. It also integrates a GNSS that brings a precise time and position for better statistical calculations.


  • High precision in data capture.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Robust configuration and design for its use in harsh marine conditions with IP67.
  • Small size.
  • Integrated with GNSS (56 channels, GPS/GLONASS, QZSS and SBAS).
  • Internal memory that stores raw data.
  • Variety of available interface: RS232, RS422, USB and Bluetooth.

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