Oceanographic Buoys

Oceanographic Buoys

Our data buoys are equipped with a data acquisition, processing & transmission system that allows using sensors of various parameters:

Meteorological: wind, air temperature, solar radiation, barometric pressure, humidity.

Oceanographic: wave, surface and water column currents.

Environmental: conductivity, water temperature, pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen, blue-green algae, turbidity, sediments, chlorophyll, fluorescence, etc.

Pollution: presence of hydrocarbons or vegetable oils.

The collected Metocean data can be transmitted via radio, GPRS, GSM, satellite and even via AIS to a Control Centre Station, with the maximum accuracy and reliability.


Integration of any commercially available sensor with datalogger designed for a complete management of the sensors and ability to interact with them individually through remote connection.

Total control on operational and navigation parameters of the buoy with settings by the user:

  • Position report with instant remote alarm for out of position, with continued and recurrent position report.
  • Power report (voltage, current charge and consumption).
  • Collision and water intrusion alarms.
  • Internal temperature.
  • Lantern settings and status.
  • AIS information.

Broadcast of Metocean processed information by AIS channel and even voice through VHF maritime channel, for safety of navigation purposes.

Several sizes available depending on the requirements of the customer and the system. MSM is a recognized international buoy manufacturer and we can adapt the design to the project.

Float resistant to collisions and unsinkable for the preservation of the equipment.

Designed according to IALA Recommendations with corresponding buoy colour chromaticity, required marine lantern, radar reflector and top mark so that our buoys are also conspicuous aids to navigation.

Solar power systems adapted based on the energy balance of the equipment for sufficient autonomy of the buoy without solar radiation.

Mooring systems adapted to water depth and local conditions of the sea, including specific mooring systems for deep waters.

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Our Oceanographic Buoys are Elastomer Buoys with a float made of a polyurethane elastomer skin projected on a solid core of closed-cell polyethylene foam sheet, thus forming an elastic skin on an elastic core. This process provides an elastic float with great recovering capacity and zero water absorption.


MSM has developed a unique system integrated in our buoys allowing the access to underwater sensors from the surface for recovery, maintenance, and servicing.


Our buoys can be equipped with several anti-vandal security systems including impact and intrusion detectors as well as 360º camera security systems.

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