MMB Dataloggers

MSM’s dataloggers allow the connection, setting, control and management of any type of sensor, analogic or digital and even intelligent sensors with specific protocols, such as meteorological, environmental, oceanographic or pollution sensors.

They are specially designed to maintain a total control over each sensor checking the correct configuration and quality of data, processing and storage on board of the system (buoy, platform, tower, lighthouse or other) and transmitting the data to the main server through the different available communications modes (RF, MW, satellite, GSM, GPRS, 4G, WiFi and more).


Low power consumption for their use with solar power supply systems.

Controlled via latest generation processor.

Capacity to carry out parallels and simultaneous processing activities with different sensors.

Designed for complete management of the sensors: auto setting, timing, quality control of data, control of configuration, settings of units of measurement, processing, data statistics and more.

Capacity to change settings through remote connection.

Ability to interact with each sensor individually using transparent mode through remote connection.

Multiport platform and capacity to integrate any kinds of protocols (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, SDI-12, analog/digital I/O, Bluetooth, USB, etc).

Capacity to develop drivers for any input or output format.

Encrypted data storage.

Different interface configuration up to:

  • 12 COM ports.
  • 16 analog inputs.
  • 16 digital outputs.
  • 16 digital inputs.
  • SDI-12.
  • Others as required.

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