We support our customers throughout the different phases of their projects.


We work together with our customers to get an understanding of their objectives for the project whether, for example, it is collecting data for scientific research, coastal engineering, increasing the safety for vessels in port approach or environmental and Metocean monitoring for safety in beaches and ports. Based on our preliminary assessment of our customer’s requirements, we can develop a study of the different elements to consider in order to design a proposal of an integrated solution.

Through this process, we:

– develop the hydrographic survey, process and analyse the available bathymetric and oceanographic data for a better project’s design.

– identify and select the required sensor or combination of sensors.

– select and adapt the equipment required for the system in terms of datalogger, buoys or other support structures.

– select the more efficient mode of data transmission depending on the objective and location of the equipment.

– calculate the energy balance of the solution to design adequate and efficient power systems.

– calculate mooring systems adapted to the location in case of buoys.

– plan the system’s installation, deployment, operation, and maintenance activities.

– attend, design, and develop the customer’s specific data and software requirements.


Based on our extensive experience in installation of Aids to Navigation equipment and oceanographic systems, we can provide support to our customer through the final stages of the project. We provide supervision of installation and commissioning by our professional engineers and technicians to ensure a safe deployment with adequate and reliable performance of the equipment.


We design our systems especially for the harsh maritime conditions to reduce the amount of maintenance required especially for systems installed at sea. We develop detailed maintenance plans that are supplied with the equipment. We can also provide supervision of preventive maintenance actions by qualified and experienced technical staff to guarantee the correct operation of the systems throughout their service life.


We provide detailed training on our oceanographic systems and the different equipment integrated into those systems. We favour a hands-on practical approach to training that allow our customers to familiarize themselves with the operation of the systems that we supply. We can tailor our training programs to satisfy our customers’ needs and achieving an unbeatable and real transfer of knowledge.

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