About us

MSM Ocean is the Oceanographic Division of Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas, a leading international company in the aids-to-navigation sector, with projects including oceanographic buoys and tsunami early warning and detection systems. Aware of the global needs in the Metocean field for multiple users, we have created a division specialized in developing customized solutions for the measurement and management of oceanographic, meteorological and environmental data.

Our team of experts analyzes your requirements to design and manufacture integral systems with an support until installation and commissioning, including the training of personnel involved in the handling and maintenance of the equipment.

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Safe Port – Equipment of the Navigation Improvement System

The SafePort system is a solution that integrates meteorological, oceanographic and environmental sensors to produce the essential and important real time data and information to improve the safety of navigation in critical areas like ports and ports’ approach as well as provide fundamental data for port management and planning.

Manufacture and Assembly of a Tsunami Buoy

Find out the manufacturing and assembly process of our tsunami buoys, ready to head off to to their final location. Those buoys are part of a system which allows to obtain timely and reliable tsunami warnings. Don’t miss out how these tsunami detection systems are made!

What is the ShiPRAS System and how does it work?

MSM Ocean presents its Ship Proximity Remote Alert and Surveyance (ShiPRAS). A solution designed to remotely monitor vessels equipped with AIS transponders approaching oceanographic buoys equipped with this system. We’re watching and protecting your investment

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