Safe Port system

The SafePort system is a solution that integrates meteorological, oceanographic and environmental sensors to produce the essential and important real time data and information to improve the safety of navigation in critical areas like ports and ports’ approach as well as provide fundamental data for port management and planning.

Different parameters can be measured and monitored according to the port’s requirements, including:

Meteorological: wind, air temperature, solar radiation, barometric pressure, humidity, precipitation, visibility and more.

Oceanographic: waves, surface and water column currents at different levels of depth.

Environmental: conductivity, water temperature, pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen, blue-green algae, turbidity, TDS, sediments, chlorophyll, fluorescence and more.

Pollution: presence of hydrocarbons or vegetable oils.


  • Real time communications of Metocean data to vessels by AIS and voice messages over VHF marine channels.
  • Communications of data to a Customer Control Centre to be displayed and stored for monitoring of parameters in real time and/or based on historic data and statistics.
  • Dual data transmission through redundant communication mode (through the same channel or two different ones) and backup available.
  • Data storage encrypted on site.
  • All measured data in the field can be useful information for many and different users, so MSM provides with the Customer Control Centre the tools to manage and share this data.
  • Variety of structures to house the equipment including marine resistant GRP towers for installation on the pier or highly resistant and unsinkable oceanographic buoys to be located at sea nearer to critical areas.
  • Renewable energy solutions (based on solar modules and/or wind generators) to power the system guaranteeing its continuous operation.

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