MSM oceanographic solutions are studied and analysed in details to select and implement the more efficient and reliable communication channel for each location. They are prepared to operate with different types of data communications ways to the control centre that can be selected depending on the purpose of the project as well as the availability of coverage at the location of the equipment:


– RF (VHF, UHF, MW and other).

– Satellite.

– WiFi and similar.

– AIS.


MSM communication solutions offer to the customer the possibility to add the transmission of Metocean data directly to vessels around each oceanographic system in a standard way using the AIS channel. This technique offers special added value as it also improves the safety of navigation in the area.  It also can also allow the reception of the vessel traffic information and transmit it to the control centre.

But what about the small and medium size vessels without AIS equipment on board? For this MSM has a special solution integrating our MSA01 module that brings the capability to transmit to these vessels the selected Metocean data using synthesized voice through radio VHF maritime channel.

The complete communication solution can use more than one channel simultaneously, like satellite, AIS and voice by VHF, to transmit information to different kind of users at the same time (e.g. satellite to control centre and AIS with VHF to other local users).


The communication systems are available with redundancy for a guaranteed availability of the data. Additionally, all data is recorded in our dataloggers, therefore you will never lose any data.

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