Metocean data: MSM Ocean

Advanced systems

for the measurement in real time

of meteorological, oceanographic

and environmental data.

Tsunami Early Detection
and Warning System

100% availability, inmediate

response, reliability and with

anti-vandal security.

Providing metocean
information in real time

necessary for taking fast important

decisions at critical moments

and for planning.


We develop integrated turnkey systems for any applications based on the customer’s requirements.

Oceanographic Buoys

All your meteorological, oceanographic and environmental data straight from the sea.

Safe port

A high value tool for Port Authorities and their users to increase safety of navigation.

Tsunami Early Detection and Warning System

A reliable tsunami early detection and warning system with the highest availability.


Security Anti-Vandal

Our systems include anti-vandal devices to prevent unauthorized access and removal of the equipment and instant alerts in case of intrusion, functionally tested and successful in the critical areas deployed.

Our clients

We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes across all industries with the majority of our clients being large global organizations. Below you will find a sample of our current clients.

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