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Tsunami Buoys

Tsunami Early Detection and Warning System is a system of advanced technology which detects a tsunami event and sends the information to a Control Centre, where an alarm is generated automatically. All this done in less than 1 minute.

Tsunami Brochure

Tsunami Early Detection and Warning System

Tsunami Early Warning System Application Guide

MSM Ocean & Sonardyne –  An overview of the Tsunami Early Warning System and technical considerations for its deployment

Water Level Sensor
– Coming soon –

An innovative device that combines all functional features in the measurement of levels of water bodies, providing the users with more data and quality information, allowing to describe all possible variables of the environment.

Wave Sensor

Is an efficient, integral, versatile, compact and low energy consumption that allows the characterization of the directional waves with high performance and wide range of measurement parameters for installation on floating devices such as buoys.

MMB Datalogger

Allow the connection, setting, control and management of any type of sensor, analogic or digital and even intelligent sensors with specific protocols.

Safe Port System Brochure

The SafePort system is a solution that integrates meteorological, oceanographic and environmental sensors to produce real time data to improve the safety of navigation in critical areas like ports as well as provide fundamental data for port management and planning.

Case study on the reliable operation of the Tsunami Early Warning System

Detection and Early Warning of Tsunamis in Ecuador – Tonga volcano 

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