Shougang Hierro Perú S.A.A. acquires the SafePort System developed by MSM Ocean

Published on Friday, 13 January of 2023

The mining company Shougang Hierro Perú (SHP) has awarded MSM Ocean the contract for the supply of a system that will contribute to the improvement of operations that take place in the port terminal of the company located in Ica region. This operation has been carried out in coordination with our partner in Peru: LIBOC S.A.C.

Shougang Hierro Perú will install our SafePort System, which will allow real-time monitoring of the meteorological and oceanographic conditions of this port area to have all the necessary information to make the most appropriate decisions and optimise port operations, in such a way that stopping times are reduced so that the volume of operations will increase.

The SafePort System that the MSM oceanographic division has developed for the Shougang Hierro Perú port terminal in San Nicolás includes an EBM20-OC buoy that has a highly resistant and unsinkable float made of elastomer and has an AIS system for transmission of data in real time through Message 8 to all vessels in range and to the control centre located in the terminal, with a redundant link to the control centre by GPRS communication.

This buoy is equipped with a compact weather station that provides information on wind direction and speed, gusts, temperature, and relative humidity; an MB Wave 3 wave sensor, which provides data on the height, period, and direction of the waves in real time, as well as measurement statistics according to the configuration made by the user; an ADCP current profiler, which provides measurements of current velocity and direction in multiple layers throughout the water column

The MSM’s coastal station will be located in the control centre, allowing bidirectional communication with the buoy for the remote control, monitoring and management of data captured by the sensors. This equipment set is completed with the OceanCOM Software for the visualization of meteorological, and oceanographic parameters and the management of electronics and sensors installed in the buoy.

If you want more information about our solutions and services for port management and security in Peru, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • About SHOUGANG

Mining company that exploits, processes and commercialise iron, from its deposits located on the southern coast of Peru, in the district of Marcona, province of Nasca in the Ica Region, where high-grade concentrates are obtained.
The San Nicolás Terminal has an extension of approximately 330 mt, with the capacity to receive large-tonnage ships, due to the depth of its waters, in addition this port has 7 certifications, which guarantee support and security to all our clients.


  • About MSM Ocean

MSM Ocean develops tailor-made solutions for the measurement and management of oceanographic, meteorological, and environmental data for numerous applications.
Our team of experts analyse the customer’s requirements to design and manufacture a complete system, supporting our clients during installation and commissioning, and including training for the staff involved in handling and maintaining the equipment.


  • About LIBOC S.A.C.

LIGHTS, BUOYS AND OCEAN (LIBOC S.A.C) is specialised in consultancy, sale, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance services for the full range of maritime signalling equipment for ports, as well as oceanographic and meteorological sensors such as tide, current and wave sensors to facilitate port operator decision-making, as well as weather stations that provide information in real time.

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