Our EBM20-OC Oceanographic Buoy leaves for Uruguay to become the first buoy involving the measurement of metocean parameters installed by the SOHMA in the country

Published on Tuesday, 03 January of 2023

The MSM Ocean team has been working on the design, development, and manufacture of a EBM20-OC oceanographic buoy for the Oceanography, Hydrography and Meteorology Service of the Uruguayan Navy (SOHMA).

This buoy left our facilities for Montevideo last December and will soon be anchored in Uruguayan waters during 2023 to obtain oceanographic, meteorological, and environmental key data to improve the safety of navigation and contribute to the scientific research carried out by the SOHMA.

For this purpose, the buoy has different integrated devices:

  • An automatic Weather Station for the wind measurement (speed and direction), gusts, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, air temperature and dew point.
  • A Current Profiler (ADCP) for measuring currents speed and direction in the entire water column up to 40 m depth.
  • A Multiparameter Probe (CTD) to measure the conductivity, temperature and depth of the water.
  • Our MBW3 Wave Sensor for measuring the period, height, and direction of the waves.

The data will be transmitted by radio connection, as well as redundantly by AIS, to the control center where it will be received at our AIS-VHF coastal station to be displayed on the OceanCom software. The system also has our ShiPRAS (Ship Proximity Remote Alert and Surveillance) functionality for monitoring ships in the buoy’s surroundings, thus reinforcing the anti-vandalism measures already installed on board the buoy, for higher security.

From MSM Ocean we are very proud to contribute to the conservation and protection of the waters of Uruguay with this buoy that incorporates advanced technology equipment and developments in mechanical and electronics engineering for this purpose.

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