What is the ShiPRAS System and how does it work?

Published on Friday, 14 May of 2021

The ShiPRAS system (Ship Proximity Remote Alert and Surveyance) is a solution designed and created by MSM Ocean to remotely monitor ships equipped with AIS transponders approaching oceanographic buoys equipped with this system.

This is especially useful for those buoys located in remote locations, such as oceanic or offshore buoys, since in these areas, the control centers do not have information on maritime traffic.

This exclusive application provides valuable information when establishing responsibilities in the event that the buoy is collided by a ship, as well as in the event of vandalism, since it allows, among other things, to know what was the trajectory carried out by the vessels within an alert area set by the user.

The transmission of this information is carried out immediately and in real time, so that, in the event of an impact detection by the buoy safety system, the system will inform prior to it, the location, course, speed, name, MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identities) of the vessel and time that it impacted. Therefore, if communication is lost due to excessive damage to the transmission system, we will know who has caused the damage. Since it will be sent via satellite before the potential collision.

In addition, the system is responsible for informing all ships in the vicinity that are within the alert circle, of the location of the buoy, regardless of whether they have a collision course or not, sending a particular message to those who are in way of hitting the buoy.

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