Testimonial: EBM18-OC buoy & OceanCom Software installation at Port of Poti (Georgia)

Published on Wednesday, 10 August of 2022

The MSM Ocean team was at the Port of Poti (Georgia) to carry out the installation of the EBM18-OC Oceanographic Buoy and the OceanCom management software. Our expert technician in oceanographic equipment, Jose Luis Fayos, was involved in this project and it was the first installation he participated. Now, he shares with us this exciting experience in Georgia with this testimonial:

I’ve been involved in the design project of the electronic equipment of the EBM18-OC buoy for the State Hydrographic Service of Georgia (SHSG), a project that has been an exciting challenge and it has allowed me to carry out my first installation of oceanographic equipment at the Port of Poti (Georgia), as well as the start-up of the new OceanCom software, designed for the monitoring and management of data collected by all the devices that this buoy integrates.

Once in Poti, we went to the SHSG facilities to meet the staff of this organization and start the process of the EBM18-OC installation. The first step was to carry out a general inspection of the buoy to check its optimal state after transport, then which we focused on the implementation of the new OceanCom software, during which we identified an incident in the Ethernet network of the SHSG that prevented the display of data in the software. An incident that we managed to solve successfully together with our MSM colleagues in Valencia, thus re-establishing the connection and data visualization on the OceanCom.

Once the entire system was working properly, we were giving exclusive training focused on the operation, use and maintenance of the supplied equipment for the staff of the SHSG, who were very interested and even brought some proposals that we have considered and already implemented in the system. At the end of the training, we concluded our mission, since due to weather conditions it was not possible mooring the buoy.

Without a doubt, this first installation I have worked on has given me the opportunity to learn more about all the tasks and conditions to be considered during an installation. In addition, it has been a project that has allowed us to overcome all the challenges that have been presented to us thanks to teamwork and fluid communication. This work in Georgia was a complete success, from which I took away valuable experience“.

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