MSM renews the Tsunami Early Warning and Detection System in Ecuador

Published on Friday, 05 August of 2016

MSM supplied in November 2019 two Tsunami Buoys for the Oceanographic Institute of the Navy (INOCAR) that are part of the Tsunami Early Warning and Detection System in Ecuador.

The Tsunami Buoy system developed by MSM is based on a pressure sensor installed on the seabed that measures the changes in the pressure of the water column and transmits the data through an acoustic transducer to the buoy located in the surface. The buoy collects, processes this data and transmits it via satellite (through a double modem redundant system) to the control centre where this data as well as the potential tsunami alerts are displayed with the MSM software, in real time.

The Tsunami Buoys include MSM’s own antivandal design, which has been successfully tested on the previously installed buoys. They also comply with the Recommendations of IALA.

A team of engineers from MSM proceeded with the installation of both buoys with INOCAR at the end of November, at a depth of 1,620m for the Manta TS Buoy and 2,240m for the Esmeralda TS Buoy, thanks to the design of a hybrid mooring system for large depths. Additionally, they also provided a training course for the technical workers of the INOCAR involved in the use and maintenance of the Tsunami system.

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