MSM Ocean carries out face-to-face technical assistance in Ecuador for tsunami buoys

Published on Thursday, 25 March of 2021

At the end of February, in line with the company’s traditional after-sales service and warranty policy, we cross the Atlantic to update a tsunami buoy with a team of technical experts from MSM Ocean traveled to the Republic of Ecuador to provide direct technical assistance to the Oceanographic and Antarctic Institute of the Navy (INOCAR) in the maintenance and updating of tsunami early warning systems.

To this end, they boarded the Antarctic Polar Orión ship together with INOCAR technical staff and divers, who undertook a journey from the tourist city of Salinas, for six days, intervening the buoys and bottom sensor of Manta and Esmeraldas.

Likewise, taking advantage of the opportunity to be in the area with the appropriate means, the buoy and the Pedernales bottom sensor were planned and recovered for further maintenance and repowering.

This activity also reinforced the training of INOCAR’s technical staff in this type of work.

In this way, Ecuador’s tsunami warning system guarantees operational availability for another 4 years, in order to immediately, timely and reliably alert coastal populations, ensuring due prevention and protection against the occurrence of this type of event. phenomena in the area, both by regional and distant events.

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