MSM Ocean proceeds to the maintenance of the tsunami buoys in Ecuador

Published on Thursday, 10 December of 2020

This December, our team of experts travelled to the Equatorial Pacific to carry out the preventive maintenance of a Tsunami Early Detection and Warning Buoy in Ecuador designed by MSM. A mission that has been carried out on board the Orion Research Vessel, with the collaboration of the Oceanographic and Antarctic Institute of the Ecuadorian Navy (INOCAR).

The importance of this project lies in guaranteeing the operational availability of the system for another four years.

In addition, our division wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to offer a theoretical-practical training, in the field of this type of technology as well as in maintenance work, aimed at new crew members and technicians who wanted to reinforce their knowledge.

It should be noted as an anecdote that, during these maintenance tasks, our colleagues were extremely fortunate to come across the Juan Sebastián de Elcano school ship, one of the most emblematic vessels of the Spanish Navy, and well known among the tall-ship lovers.

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